We offer each individual a supportive recruitment experience.

For years, a gap has existed in Church School recruitment – between advertising a Leadership position and the number and quality of applicants.

We know from experience, that candidates appreciate having these conversations before they complete application forms. So we afford  candidates the time and privacy to discuss their career whenever they wish.

We act as ambassadors for your Church School until successful conclusion.

…they want to chat about where they are ‘at’ in their career, they want to understand if they have the qualities to ‘fit’ your job, they want to know if they are the right ‘personality’ for your school and SLT, they want to discuss their faith and the role it plays in their life, and how this ‘fits’ with your school ethos.

We understand this ‘gap’ and know how to deal with it.

The majority of candidates who will see or hear about your vacancy may be unsure if it is the right leadership position for them… their dream job.