Why should your Catholic School use Emmaus?

We understand that Catholic Schools are not just concerned with academic achievements, important though that is; they are also concerned with the emotional and spiritual formation of a young person in their Catholic faith.

And so the practice and witness to the faith from fellow students, teachers and most crucially, the Headteacher, is paramount if a school’s Catholic identity is to be found beyond the RE classroom.

In our view the recruitment process is a journey where we engage with both active and passive candidates on an ongoing basis. For candidates, the leadership recruitment process must be both attractive and supportive and within a confidential setting; identifiably different from any other recruitment process they will have previously gone through.

Our point being, a Catholic school’s recruitment process should reflect the best of its Catholic identity. In our experience it is this that will attract the greatest candidate interest and above all the strongest of shortlists.

At Emmaus we combine recruitment expertise and faith to help you find and attract the right leader for your school, first time.

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