The perfect application form

The perfect application form

03 June 2014

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Perhaps one of the greatest stumbling blocks faced by candidates applying for a Headship is the application form itself. To understand the problem fully, I should point out the obvious truth that no two schools are the same; each has their own story to tell and unique requirements and expectations of the Headteacher.

However, despite the varying ethos, character and vision of schools, the application forms candidates are presented with are virtually identical. Rightly or wrongly, these standard, generic forms are the first point of contact between the candidate and school and how they are filled out determines everything!

Therefore my question to you, the candidate, is this: How much thought and preparation have you put in to the filling out of your application? If your preparation has only gone so far as a quick skim of the school's website, I would suggest that you are putting yourself and your application at a considerable disadvantage.

Indeed, the approach offered by Emmaus Leadership is a process unlike any other. We encourage candidates to contact us with any questions they may have regarding the school, its governors and spiritual dimensions so that we can then discuss whether or not that fits with their own personal faith and skill set. We appreciate that just as every school has its own story, so does every candidate. So we are committed to helping applicants make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right post for them and, if so, how to best convey that in their application.

For an application form that will truly stand out is one that combines both an awareness of the schools needs and strengths with an understanding of how your own particular abilities and experiences would make you a suitable Headteacher. We know that honesty, insight and authenticity are valued more highly than sound bites. After all, the governors reading your application are not simply looking for a well-written CV. What they are looking for is an application form that hints of an applicant with whom they can entrust the spiritual and academic leadership of their school. It is candidates who are able to do this; take the standard, generic application form and make it personal, focused and relevant, who are shortlisted for interview.



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