Are you ready to be a leader of a Church School?

Are you ready to be a leader of a Church School?

07 July 2014

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Are you ready to be a leader of a Church School?

Over 50% of Church Schools seeking to appoint a new Headteacher go on to re-advertise. Does that mean there’s no one qualified and interested out there?

From my experience the problem is not due to a lack of competence amongst aspiring Heads, but rather a lack of willingness amongst well qualified teachers to “step out the boat” and rise up to the challenge of leading a Church School.

Indeed, the role of a Headteacher can seem daunting, overwhelming even. Undoubtedly there is an element of risk involved, high expectations and huge levels of responsibility. It is not for everyone. I am a firm believer in teaching as a vocation and this is perhaps even more true of those in leadership roles. Caution is understandable, advisable even.

So why become a Headteacher at all? And why in a Church School?

I believe the answer is really quite simple. It can be summarised in one word. Influence.

As a Headteacher you have the unique privilege of helping shape the future of hundreds, maybe even thousands of children and young people. As a Head of a Church School you have the opportunity to shape and create an environment that not only seeks to provide an excellent education, but is also distinctly Christian in ethos. An opportunity to lead a school community that has the gospel values at its core, where there is a moral foundation and positive culture in which children can learn what it means to be good citizens.

The opportunity is unique. As both a professional and as a Christian. To be a Head in a Church School is to not just to talk the talk, but also to walk the walk. An opportunity to use the gifts, talents and experience God has given you in order to be the very best that you can be and to draw the very best out of those around you. What a privilege. What a vocation.

The call to be a Headteacher, for I do believe it is call, is a challenge. But as that saying goes, if you want to walk on water, you have got to step out of the boat.


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