How do I help my Chair replace me?

How do I help my Chair replace me?

15 May 2014

This week a Headteacher asked me, “How do I explain what Emmaus do to my Governors?”   The reason for asking was simple, they wanted to support their Governors to find their replacement.  I hope for any of you out there thinking, “How do I help my Chair replace me?” that you will find this interesting.  This was part of my response...

A recent email  sent out to some Heads puts over our distinctiveness rather well – here’s an excerpt:

" We rarely have the comfort of knowing the exact time to move on to pastures new. For most of us it just sort of happens - an idea, a conversation, and a sign here or there. It’s never going to be easy entering the recruitment market, let alone finding the time, resolve and effort to apply!

We also know any advert or job description is but a mere snapshot of what a school is really like; you need to know so much more before deciding which role at what school might be right for you.

At Emmaus we see our role as providing that secure bridge between you, the candidate, and the school. To hear your story and equally to share the school’s own story and to explore a possible match that’s going to be right for all parties"

I really think the above is what makes us different, we get alongside candidates more than any school or governors will achieve through their own efforts (that’s why we took the name Emmaus!) to talk and engage with candidates about their faith and capabilities and help personalise the school, make it more authentic…as the middle person only we can really achieve this given our independence and focus on supporting candidates every bit as much as we do the school.

 Hope this helps!


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